Feedo.cz: Dny se značkou

This week-long campaign takes place on the whole Feedo page, targeting both registered and not registered users. 

It is a overall brand or producer presentation connected to selling activity. It is contained in periodical newsletters and takes place on a page where users can learn more details. It is also shared on social media. 

Where will you be seen? 

  • Homepage banner na 3rd position 
  • Landing page - pecial page created for this campaign 
  • Newsletter - main event in a block 
  • Sponsored post on Lehci zivot maminkam Facebook page
  • PR article on Feedo blog

Package price: 50 000 CZK

We will be happy to give you more info here - inzerce@feedo.cz

Prezentace ve Feedo časopisu

Feedo magazine is a trusted adviser and therefore a very good place for your brand or product presentation. It allows you to reach up to 30 000 families in the Czech Republic thanks to an usual advertisement or product placement. There are over 82 000 readers. 

Why should you advertise in the Christmas issue of Feedo magazine? Because we always distribute 30 thousand of prints, which is 6x more than the usual sale of Betynka magazine. And to stay with numbers : we have 50% more readers compared to Maminka magazine. 

Moms get our magazine as a gift and they respond to its adverts - there has been 43% rise of targeted search of products showed inside the magazine. You can boost the sale of your products during the strongest selling season of the year. We will be happy to prepare even unusual forms od advertisement such as testing clubs of our Moms or reviews from our editors. 

We’ll be distributing the Christmas issue during the biggest November sales events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Free shipping day on Heureka. Customers  will still have plenty of time to order goods promoted in this issue. 

Favorite formats: 

  • Your advertisement on the cover: 45 000 Kč
  • Inside page - right: 34 000 Kč
  • Inside page - left: 32 000 Kč
  • 1/2 page (horizontal or vertical): 22 000 Kč
  • 1/3 page (horizontal or vertical): 18 000 Kč

We will be happy to give you more info here -  inzerce@feedo.cz

Facebook Feedo.cz

People go to Facebook to have fun. One of the options how to communicate with Moms and offer them something more is a contest. Somebody just want to play but most Moms already like your products and they want to get them cheaper than usualy - for example if they can win the product or get it for lower price.

Your photo, banner or video will be posted on  Lehčí život maminkám Facebook page and will see it right on their wall. Thanks to the high number of fans you will be able to reach wide public. Each post is supported by a ratio amount for even higher reach. 

As an example we can mention Hami and Nutrilon contest for Mickey Mouse suitcases which reached over 35000 users and got over 1000 reactions! You should know: we have 54 170 FB fans and more than 3000 Instagram fans. 


  • Contest: 10 000 CZK
  • Quiz: 5 000 CZK
  • Advert post (photo or video): 7 000 CZK

We will be happy to give you more info here inzerce@feedo.cz

Feedo blog

Feedo blog is meant for an audience that is seeking information- pregnant women, Moms and Dads.

You can have a banner presentation on our Homepage or at a certain article, made to order PR article, or even a contest. 

Blog articles are published forever and are linked with the product page. For each article we guarantee one week on the first page. 

As an example take a look at the Yookiddo Flow’N’Fill Spout which after this review became historically the best selling toy in that time period. 

Your article or banner will be visible to 25 000 users.


  • Banner: 25 000 CZK
  • PR article: 10 000 CZK
  • Contest: 10 000 CZK

We will be happy to give you more info here inzerce@feedo.cz

Youtube Feedo.cz: Rozhovor s Andreou Růžičkovou (Kerestrešovou)

Very popular form of presentation. There are several possibilities- we can introduce a product, have a contest, or we can give your product to a real mom or a celebrity to try out. 

Will be happy to film a review , an animated video or an interview for example with your product specialist. How about showing parents step by step how to fold a stroller you are selling? 

We also have a great exerience with cooperating with celebrities and we can get them even for your product.  As an example we choose the interview with Andrea Ruzickova (Kerestesova), an acress and at that time a soon to be Mother, who recommends Sunar Gravimilk. 

We promote those videos on our blog and all social media pages, and it´s also placed in the detail of the product.Each video is placed on our Youtube profile and is then shared on other social networks. Our Youtube channel already has almost 3000 followers.  


  • Product review: 20 000 CZK
  • Contest on Youtube channel: 10 000 CZK

We will be happy to give you more info here  inzerce@feedo.cz

Feedo semináře

We meet Moms even in the offline world. We organize seminars and workshops that certainly can not be labeled as boring. And you can be a part of them. Current season, when it’s too cold to spend the day at the playground is ideal for these events. Together we will choose the main topic and we will take care of the rest. We will find the place, participanting Moms, snacks. We’ll even get a specialist. 

Seminars with our pediatrician belong among our most popular ones, more than a 1000 of Moms have been coached. Become our partner! There usualy are 20-30 participating Moms but you’ll get even more: we livestream each seminar and publish reports and photos. 


  • Complete seminar organization: 30 000 CZK

We will be happy to give you more info here inzerce@feedo.cz

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