Rich content

Specification for Rich Content on Feedo

Feedo styles:

When coding the rich content, it is necessary to link these Feedo css styles first:


When finished coding and after succesfull testing, remove this link.

Feedo specification:

• Valid code, right semantic

        ○ Verify here: https://validator.w3.org/#validate_by_input

• Images have to be responsive. Only exception is icons.

• Response of text is fluently working in resolution from 320 px to 1210 px.

• Dont use JavaScript or third parties JavaScript. Any animation should be coded in CSS3.

• Images must be below 300 kb.

• Insert videos via YouTube iframe.

• Use only two types of fonts:

       ○  For headings use class '.ff-heading' or font-family: coresans-heavy,sans-serif;

       ○ For other text '.ff-normal' or font-family: "Open Sans",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;

  Content must be readable at 320px mobile resolution.

• Do not use your own styles for basic HTML tags as H1, H2, p, a, etc… On these elements Feedo styles are applied.

• Do not use H1 heading.

• Tables should not be responsive. Set them as overflow-x: auto;

• Rich content (file) doesnt have to have tags HTML, HEAD, BODY, META, TITLE.

• All HTML must be inserted in tag <div id="feedo_rc"> ... YOUR CODE ... </DIV>.
• All CSS styles must be inserted in DIV id … '#feedo_rc', so whole content of Feedo webpage wont break, examples:

       ○ #feedo_rc .rc_heading

       ○ #feedo_rc .rc_box .rc_box_heading

       ○ #feedo_rc .rc_price.rc_price-pink

• If expanded CSS would have more than 600 rows, then insert all styles into one summary file. If less than 600 rows insert it in tag <style></style>.

• This CSS has to be inserted in the beginning of HTML file.

Possibilities are <style type="text/css"> </style> OR <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />.


Every content will be checked by Feedo before publication. 

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